>> 98 WINTER TOUR <<

December 97 : JIMMY CARL BLACK got married with the wonderful Monica in Germany. Just a few days off from his succesful winter tour with the MUFFIN MEN. Many congratulations to both!! ("Daddy, you hit the Lotto!" said Geronimo to his father after he knew the bride. And we could easily tell her the same!!)

January 21 : Ener Bladezipper joined Sandro Oliva in Roma to start rehearsing the new GRANDMOTHERS tour, with new guest musicians MAURO ANDREONI on keyboards and STEVE B.RONEY on Drums.

February 1: The others joined in to rehearse the new material (except for Don Preston who couldn't for personal resons).

February 10 / March 17: GRANDMOTHERS Winter Tour 1998

The Grandmothers in Paris

April / August : Sandro works on the live recordings made in Paris and London for a new CD.


EUROPE 1998 Fall Tour

Bass equipement by EDEN ELECTRONICS Inc.

Cymbals by UFIP


The tour has been recorded by the CSR mobile/Obvious Music