drawbar organ




"Ikutaro Kakehashi was not only the founder of Roland (in 1972), 12 years before that he'd already founded Ace Electronics Industries in Osaka. He was to be responsible for the development and design of the Ace-tone combo organs but eventually left the company in 1972 (the very same year he founded Roland). But before that, in 1968, he'd founded Hammond Japan, a joint-venture of his Ace Electronics and the Hammond International Company. From what I understand this company built and released the Ace-tone GT-7 portable organ as early as 1971, some 3-4 years before they built the Hammond X-5 organ for the Hammond company in the States! (which in fact would mean that the Hammond X-5 was sort of a "copy" of the GT-7 instead of the other way around...) but by then Kakehashi was running the huge Roland enterprise." (Micke L - courtesy Combo Organ Heaven Web Site)

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