"My Amps Are Gonna Kill Your Dad"

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1967 EKO Valet 10w gtr combo (my very first one)


1994 FENDER Twin Reverb '65 reissue (my faithful touring one)

1968 FENDER Super Reverb Silverface

 FENDER FM65r (Jensen Neodimium speaker)

 FENDER Cyber Twin - 2x12" 60+60w modeling combo 

JOHNSON MILLENNIUM JM150 - 2x12" 60+60w modeling combo 

LANEY GH100L tube head + twin 4x12 cabs

1972 LONDON CITY 100w head (Marshall clone) + MARSHALL 1960a 4x12 cab (now restored)


'70s BARCUS-BERRY 160 Bass Amp


1994 PIGNOSE (my midget one)

1965 BINSON Hi-Fi 20w tube combo


60s FARFISA 40w combo

at the moment not working

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