Dom DeWilde, Biff Debrie


I Grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where they make cars. At 12 years I was thrown out of a school for hypnotising several students and a nun. I was also learning magic. The nuns used to beat my hands with a big ruler when I made mistakes playing the piano. Because of this weird treatment, I began to like strange and dissonant music. I went to Trieste, Italy, in the army and shared a room with Buzz Gardner. At that time I wrote a number of chamber and orchestral works and later lost them. I learned to play the contra-bass.

After returning to Detroit I inserted all the pistons in every fourth Dodge auto. Played for one year with Elvin Jones at the West End Cafe on bass. Moved to L.A. Did my stint with the Mothers and became romantically involved with 40 teen-agers. Did a magic show at the Wisky-A-Go-Go. Later did a show at Moon Zappa's 6th birthday party. Wrote music for 20 feature films like "BLOOD DINNER" and "THE UNDERACHIEVERS". One thing led to another and here I am writing this bio...................... WOW!