"FUNGO!(Insieme Musicale Abnorme)"

Villa Borghese Roma, June 1974

"Festival di Avanguardia e Nuove Tendenze"

(20.000 people)


the band ('73/'74)

S.Oliva: Guitar, Vocals

Maurizio Sottana: Bass

Piero Avallone: Drums

Sandro Satta: Alto Sax

Silverio Cortesi: Trumpet

Sandro Vecchiotti: Trombone


 Personal equipement at the time:

1971 Gibson Les Paul DeLuxe

Marshall 100w stack

Vox wah wah

Eko 100 Acoustic

Recording and composing equipement:

Grundig Mono cassette recorder

Philips EL3549 reel-to-reel Tape recorder/mixer

Shure Unidyne Microphone

Music paper (a lot) and a pencil