Back in the days of the Mothers of Invention the band formed some very strong bonds. In 1970 Herb Cohen, manager of the Mothers, called and asked them to record an album. They decided to call the group the Grandmothers.

The album is still in the can somewhere in LA. In 1980 Rhino Records wanted to release an anthology of the early Mothers and they again decided to use the name "the Grandmothers".

Jim, Don and Bunk got together again in 1981 and continued down the same musical path, toured for several years and finally went separate ways. Jimmy Carl Black reformed the Grandmothers in Austin, Texas in 1985.

Ener joined the Band in 1988 and toured the States with them for a few years.

When Jimmy moved to Germany he called Bunk and Don and asked if they wanted to make an album and tour Europe....

Don & Bunk

"Why not", they said, and off they went. That was May 1993 and the Grandmothers toured all over Europe. In June they were in Italy, where they met Sandro Oliva, who opened their show in Rome. For the whole following week they were rehearsing and recording in his studio. Two months later the band had another mustachoed sicilian guitar player.

Salzburg, Dec.1993

Then they went on a ball busting tour in winter. East Germany was so cold that they all got sick, but the show went on in spite of everything.

The third tour was great. It was spring and they had just gotten a new manager.

In the last part of the tour the Grandmothers went to some eastern block countries for the very first time and were amazed to see all these people singing the lyrics with the band.

London, Dingwalls Easter 1994


Right after the tour, Sandro and Don spent three weeks in Sandro's studio putting together the new semi-live album "Who Could Imagine?" which was released in october.

More touring in summertime: Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Holland and the mighty 80.000 people audience at the EuroWoodstock Festival in Budapest, with the band introduced by the Major himself! (That night they performed live the whole "Brown Shoes Don't Make it" for the first time since 1969).


Stralsund (D), Zappatag - summer '94


After a short break the final '94 winter tour hit Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Scotland and England, with two unforgettable final nights in London.

The very last one, on Xma's eve, being honoured by the original legendary Suzy Creamcheese (and some original less legendary lawyer) in the audience.

Since 1995 the Grandmothers got together every once in a while, mainly for recording in Sandro's studio. Jim, Sandro and Ener have toured Germany in the summer of 1997 as "the Grandmothers Power Trio", and the response has been so worm that they will certainly do it again in the future.

A new successful tour brought the whole band (with guest musicians Mauro Andreoni on keyboards and Steve B.Roney on drums) all over Europe once again in 1998.

A live CD from London's show is finally out!!

The new show is very hot, with a lot more original new material!!

Bunk Ener

JIMMY CARL BLACK : Lead Vocals, Drums, Percussion

BUNK GARDNER : Tenor & Alto Sax, Flutes

DON PRESTON: Keyboards, Vocals, Gong

SANDRO OLIVA : Guitars, Vocals


Grandmothers Auxiliaries:



thanks to Miss Vivian


Jimmy Carl Black

Bunk Gardner

Don Preston

Sandro Oliva

Ener Bladezipper

 Mauro Andreoni

 Steve B. Roney

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