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 2000 U.S. TOUR

 " The Grandmothers were formed in 1980 by three members from Frank Zappa's legendary group, The Mothers of Invention.

Jimmy Carl Black, drummer, Bunk Gardner, saxophonist , and Don Preston, keyboardist, all individually backed Frank Zappa from 1964-1972.   

From 1966-1970, Jimmy, Bunk and Don were the core band of The Mothers of Invention. During this time Frank Zappa was propelled out of obscurity into the realm of infamous stardom with the success of such albums as Freak Out!, Absolutely Free, and We're Only In It for the Money, which established The Mothers of Invention, historically, as the preeminent cutting edge, eclectic, electric rock ensemble of the times.

These releases were followed by further successes: Cruising with Ruben and the Jets , Mother Mania, Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Uncle Meat, and 200 Motels.

The latter of which spawned the film, 200 Motels, an English Film production, in which Jimmy Carl Black stars as the wiley, lustful Texan, "lonesome cowboy Burt" and Don Preston as the "mad scientist", for whom audiences continue to express a rather keen appreciation.

 In 1980, Jimmy, Bunk and Don reunited with other musicians who at one time or another had performed with Zappa and formed The Grandmothers with a debut at the Roxy in L.A., where they were received with much enthusiasm and critical acclaim.  

Since their reunion, The Grandmothers have released two albums: 'A Mother Of Anthology' and 'Looking Up Granny's Dress' (both collections of recordings by ex-members of The Mothers Of Invention) and three CDs: 'Dreams On Long Play' (by The Austin Grandmothers), 'Who Could Imagine' (by The European Grandmothers, including Ener Bladezipper and Sandro Oliva), and most recently, 'Eating the Astoria' (by The European Grandmothers including also Steve B. Roney and Mauro Andreoni).   

In addition they have completed numerous successful European tours and have developed a strong following in Germany, Holland, France, Germany and England.    

The most recent CD which pays tribute to the Astoria Theatre in London where it was recorded live in the Spring of 1998, features highly dynamic performances by The Grandmothers, of their original songs, such as Lady Queen Bee, Junk Food, Trail of Tears, and The Great White Buffalo, in addition to several classic Zappa compositions: Peaches N Regalia, Brown Shoes Don't Make It, and Call Any Vegetable.

'Eating the Astoria' captures and reveals the dynamism, creativity and excellent musicianship of the Grandmothers for which their audiences  consistently express both awe and appreciation.  

American audiences had the opportunity to share in the delight and the artistry of The Grandmothers' shows during their three month long American Tour in the Fall of 2000.   

Their shows  were quite well received.   As described by one fan their shows are "an exhilarating departure from a typical rock show."

Their performances are infused with spontaneous, impromptu humor and theatrical elements that mesmerize, as well as evoke, inspire and welcome audience participation.

Be assured of a novel, inspiring experience when venturing out to a Grandmothers' show." (2002 Promo)










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