& the Blue Pampurio's Extravaganza:


HEAVY LIGHTNING - Deluxe Edition

This record is dedicated to my three favorite guitar players.
They're not with us anymore, but their music is still alive and will always be.

Thank you John , George and Frank.


FANOGA PARTY (Oliva/J.C. Black)

S.O.: Keyboards

Jimmy Carl Black: Vocals

Mario Guarini: Bass

Steve B. Roney: Drums


I wrote this in 1975 right out of the army after listening to the english group HATFIELD AND THE NORTH.

It should have been part of "SREDNI VASHTAR (Trilogy of the Great Ferret)", my unfinished first rock opera.

You can hear a piano version of this melody melody in "SLOGAN #3", on the "Who the F**k is SO?!?" CD.


S.O.: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion

S.B.Roney: Drums


A 1986 preview of what would have (sadly) been my country in a few years.

How did I know this all in advance?!?!?



S.O.: Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion

Bunk Gardner: Sax

Giovanni Di Cosimo: Trumpet

Luca Giustozzi:Trombone

Ener Bladezipper: Bass

S.B.Roney: Drums


Ciccio was my friend Gianfranco Salvatore's canard.

It's obviously a Igor/Frank kind of a tune.

It's been successfully performed live by the Grandmothers in the 1998/2000 tours (Mauro on Keyboards), but I didn't want to play it in the USA.

Too many fast notes for somebody in the band.


S.O.: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

J.C.Black: Vocals

Chicago Beau: Harmonica, Vocals

Ener Bladezipper: Bass

S.B.Roney: Drums


Formerly in italian (NON TI VOGLIO PIU'), it's been written around 1982.

Recorded for the "Who the F*** is SO?!?" album, but I wasn't happy with it, so I put it in a drawer.

Later on Muffin Records wanted all the songs in this CD to be sung by Ike Willis, (one year wait), but the company went out of business before Ike could do the job!!!!

Years later, I took it out of the drawer and put Jimmy's vocals on it.

THE GREAT FERRET (main theme)

S.O.: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion

The Grandmothers: ugly vocal noises

The Mirrors: even uglier vocal noises

Don Preston/S.O: Sequenced Synt Solo

Giovanni Di Cosimo: Trumpet

Luca Giustozzi:Trombone


I think this was my very first instrumental (1973).

I used to perform it a lot with my band "FUNGO!" (1973/82).

MONEY (Bradford/Gordy)

S.O.: Guitars, Vocals

J.C.Black: Lead Vocals

Gail Berry / Patty Johnson: Bg Vocals (in Italian!!)

Bunk Gardner: Sax

Bob Money: Sax

Mauro Andreoni: Synesyzers, El. Piano

Spike: Hammond Organ

Ener Bladezipper: Bass

S.B.Roney: Drums


I'm a big Beatle fan. Jim is a big Beatle AND R&B fan.

It was easy to choose this song for the 98/2000 GM tours.

I have been performing this arrangement of mine since 1979, but I used to sing it in italian back then!!

*Solos: SPIKE (studio) / Bunk + Mauro (live in London 98) / Sandro (studio)*

CIRYLLA (live)

S.O.: Guitars, Vocals

J.C.Black: Vocals, Tambourine

Bob Money: Sax, Vocal noises

Mauro Andreoni: Syntesyzer, El. Piano, Vocals

Spike: Hammond Organ, Vocals

Nick Galle: Bass, Vocals

S.B.Roney: Drums, Vocals


Blue Pampurio's live improvisations from the 1996 "JUNK FOOD" concert.

That was an EXCELLENT band.


S.O.: Guitars, Vocals

Bob Money: Tenor Sax

Nick Galle: Bass

S.B.Roney: Drums


A very old song (1977) which had to be a crude satyre of Punk Rock, with a disgusting title too.

It was only 15" long (last fast part of this version)

After having experienced myself the disease with the Big C, I wrote the rest of the lyrics, and rearranged it in the present form.

Big discussions within most of my bands, so I decided to shorten the C word.


S.O.: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion

Giovanni Di Cosimo: Trumpet

Luca Giustozzi:Trombone


Another early 70s one. It has never been performed live.

HELP! (Lennon/McCartney) / ARIA MALSANA (US version)

S.O.: Guitars, Mandolins, Keyboards, Vocals

J.C.Black: Vocals,

Luca Giustozzi:Trombone

Ener Bladezipper: Bass

S.B.Roney: Drums


Help! was the first Beatles' single I ever bought.

I rearranged it in 1986, just before recording my first album, Aria Malsana.

Another 98/00 Grandmothers' live favourite .

We didn't play it in the US.

Both the Beatles and the BLUES ITSELF were considered too corny by THAT somebody!



S.O.: Guitars, Vocals, Sequencing

Mauro Andreoni: Piano

Bob Money: Tenor Sax

Nick Galle: Bass

S.B.Roney: Drums


A story about Gators and Penguins. Gators from the Everglades, Penguins from Bloom County.

Dedicated to my son Davide and to my ex-wife Michela.

No parental relationship within the two.



S.O.: Vocals, Guitar, Sitar, Syntesizers, Editing

The Grandmothers: Backstage Talking

S.B.Roney: Drums, Vocals

The Laughing Bald Dwarf: Vocals
George W Bush: War


I recorded a piece of concrete music called Revolution #11 in late 1968 (guess why I gave it this title!!)

But after September 11, 2001 the meaning has changed for sure.

SAUNA (Oliva)/


S.O.: Guitars, Percussion

Bob Money: wah sax solo

Bunk Gardner: second sax solo

Mauro Andreoni: Synesyzers, El. Piano

Nick Galle: Bass (studio section)

Ener Bladezipper: Bass (live section)

S.B.Roney: Drums

J.C.Black / Aisha / The Zucchini Brothers: Vocals


Sauna is a 1974 song, the only one I have played with all of my bands.

We had 3 horns then, and we could jam on it for hours.

It was a good substitute for a certain song I will not name here (it was about a big big monkey).

I never wanted to to play THAT GUY's music, because in those days YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PLAY YOUR OWN STUFF.

(Cover bands? What's that?)

Later on I joined the Grandmothers, and I had to play the Guy's music for 9 years!!!

I put here that song's final vamp, but with a guitar solo on it.

*Solos: Bob (studio) / Bunk + Mauro (live in London 98) / Mauro + Nick + Sandro (studio)*


S.O.: Guitars, Vocals, Sitar, Percussion, Keyboards

Mick Brill: Bass, Vocals

Giovanni Di Cosimo: Trumpet

S.B.Roney: Drums

The Mirrors: Bg Vocals, Noises


A Flower Power spoof written in the '70s to try to please my record company's boss, who rejected it anyway.

Lyrics revised by guitar master Marco Manusso.

Those were days of fun, always recording new stuff in our little garage studio. I still got all the tapes.



S.O.: Guitars, Vocals

Bunk Gardner: Sax

Mauro Andreoni: Keyboards

Jimmy Carl Black: Beer in the Dressing Room

Ener Bladezipper: Bass, vocals

S.B.Roney: Drums, vocals


Live in Paris (1998) with The Grandmothers. In 1995 I had started using this song and Watermelon in my own shows, so it came natural playing one of those two songs as final encore with the Grannies, starting with the 1998 Europe Tour.