the Indian of The Group

"Born James Inkanish jr. Feb 1, 1938 in El Paso, Texas.
Had a very nice childhood.

In 1958 I changed my name in Jimmy Carl Black.
I recorded my first single in 1962 with a band called "The Keys".

In 1964 moved to California and met Roy Estrada and Ray Collins and had a band called "the Soul Giants".

Frank Zappa joined the band and a month later said: "If you guys will play my music I'll make you rich and famous".

In 1970 I formed a band called "Geronimo Black" with Bunk.
Two albums and many bands in the '70s.

In 1980 Bunk, Don and myself formed the first GRANDMOTHERS.
Toured Europe and the States for Two Years.

Released two albums.

In the '80s many bands.

In 1993 we got back together and since then it's been GANGBUSTERS.


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