Sandro Oliva

& the Blue Pampurio's

The band 1988

S.Oliva: Guitar, Vocals, keyboards

Enzo De Luca: Lead Vocals

Guido Giacomini: Bass

Stefano Napoleoni: Drums

Marco Orfei: Saxes, Flute, Trombone


 personal equipement at the time:

Kramer Pacer deluxe

Gibson Les Paul Custom

Ibanez Midi Guitar System

Guild Flat Top acoustic

Hiwatt 100w half-stack

Fender Twin Rev. Silver Face

Vox wah wah

H&K Cream Machine

MXR Flanger

VOX Jaguar organ

ROLAND MKS80 - MKS20 - S550- U20 - R8

AKAI 12 track - MidiverbII - Microverb

Revox A77