"Who Could Imagine?"

Munich Rec. - Holland '94



Big Culo (Estrada/Black/Gardner/Preston)
Who Are the Brain Police? (FZ)
Lamont's Lament (D.Preston)
Willy The Pimp (FZ) /
Neon Meat Dream Of An Octafish (D.Vliet)
Return of the son of Big Culo (Estrada/Black/Gardner/Preston)
The Welfare Agency Security Trick (S.Oliva)
Lonely Lonely Nights (***)
Mom & Dad (FZ)
Homage to Tinguley (D.Preston)
Holiday In Berlin / Aybe Sea (FZ)
Who Do You Think You Arf? (S.Oliva)
Silicone Hump / Mystic Hysterics (D.Preston)
Garlic Soup in an Eastern Place (S.Oliva)
Trapezoid (D.Preston)
Help, I'm A Rock (FZ)
Lamont's Lament / Brain Police Finale


the Grandmothers:

Jimmy Carl Black: Drums, Vocals, Indian of the group

Bunk Gardner: Tenor & Alto Sax, Flutes, Chef de cuisine

Don Preston: Keyboards, Vocals, Gong, Musical Director

Sandro Oliva: Guitars, Vocals, Assistant Musical Director, Italian of the Group

Ener Bladezipper: Bass guitar, Vocals, Translator of the Group

Thanks to Miss Vivian


Live tracks were recorded in Salzburg, Ashaffenburg, Linz, Rennes, Paris, London, Zagreb and Prague during the '93/'94 European Tours, mostly on 2-track DAT off the board, except for the Salzburg gig on 16 Track.

Studio tracks recorded at CUCURBITACEA SAPIENS RECORDING STUDIOS (Rome) and ZOO STUDIOS (Los Angeles)

Produced, mixed and edited by Don Preston & Sandro Oliva at CSRS

(pre-production made on my Quadra 650 Mac in 2000 Motel Rooms after the shows ).


I have recently re-mastered the CD for my own pleasure (it sounds SO MUCH better), and I will re-mix it someday to make it sound even better.

Not to talk about fixing some ugly mixing/editing mistakes!!!